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Windsurfer - Learn To Sail 1

I am a FULLY ACCREDITED & QUALIFIED Australian Sailing Trained


With experience gained over 4 decades, and a natural desire to help others in a friendly, supportive environment, I will do my utmost best to give you a safe and rewarding introduction to Windsurfing. I have a support boat & a licence to operate, first aid and working with children certificates. 


You can be assured I can help you on this exciting new chapter of your life!


Windsurfing is a sport that can change everything for you. It is now a very diverse and sometimes a very specialised technical sport with disciplines such as: Slalom, Speed Sailing, Surf Sailing, Freestyle, Foiling, Racing on old Division 2 boards, Windsurfer Class, Raceboard and Formula Class, Techno and Olympic Foiling Classes.

My main focus is on recreational Longboard Sailing and Racing, primarily on a windsurfer LT as my favourite board for most conditions.


I am very involved in the Windsurfer Class Association of Australia as a Class Rep for NSW which sees me organising and competing in events with 40 or more sailors on a regular basis around NSW. I also sail from Toronto Amateur Sailing Club on Lake Macquarie NSW.

I provide lessons on a variety of boards and rigs to suit the individual and conditions. I will choose a location to suit the prevailing winds. Generally on Lake Macquarie but am open to teaching in other areas. Lessons can be run any day of the week.


This service is provided with no expectation of payment - you may choose to reward me afterwards, the choice is yours! I provide the board, sail and rig, lifejacket and enthusiasm for the sport and helping you join me in this amazing freedom the sport offers. You only need to be able to swim; enjoy getting a little wet and have a spirit of adventure; a pair of swimmers; old shoes or reef booties; and a hat and towel.

Once you learn the basics, it is good to sail with a group and you will advance quickly with tips and tricks freely offered by most windsurfers! Joining a sailing club that offers Windsurfer Racing is a good move to help you on your journey and hone your skills.

You can spend anywhere between $2,800 to $15,000 for a complete one board kit or as low as absolutely FREE for a giveaway old style board and rig on gumtree or Facebook, Seabreeze etc. You can get a Windsurfer LT from less than $3000 Complete ready to race! Older, cheap boards are often virtually bullet proof but sometimes a little heavy and unstable. I can provide advice on what to buy.

I hope to meet you soon!


Al Haynes, LT1

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Windsurfer - Hire

I Can offer numerous boards and rigs for short term hire to suit beginner and intermediate windsurfers who need time on the water before deciding what to buy. I take the time to explain rigging and set-up of gear and I provide FREE INSTRUCTION  for the 1st Introductory Lesson with beginners.


Boards include Starboard Start - a very wide and stable beginner board; Original, One Design and LT  Windsurfers, Mistral Competition, F2 Lightning - all longboards complete with centreboard for upwind performance. These boards glide along really well in lighter conditions; a Starboard Go 170 - It is a terrific board to start slalom sailing, being shorter and wider than the longboards, more stable than many slalom boards available and a great way to learn how to get into those foot straps. It achieves good water speed  in medium breezes to allow you to experience planing. Note: The Lightning is also a higher wind performer, not for the beginner and features foot straps and adjustable mast track for racing performance. Note: The Windsurfer LT is also a high performer - yet simple for the beginner also and as such, has no foot straps yet really performs in the widest variety of conditions of any windsurfer available today! THE WINDSURFER LT is the:

- newest - fastest - lightest - most stable - and most versatile Longboard Windsurfer Available Anywhere!

I have Sails and rigs to specifically to suit beginners or intermediate sailors - whether children or adult of varying sizes to suit sailor size, experience or the prevailing wind conditions. Available in 2.5m2 to 9.0m2 sail & Rig kits. Specific light-weight kids and beginner rigs are made to make learning much easier.

I also have larger sails and rigs to suit developing intermediate to advanced sailors for use with a Slalom sailboard or either advancing or racing  Windsurfer long boards.

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Windsurfer - T-Shirts &  Merchandise

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