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Hi! My name is Al Haynes. I'm based at Toronto, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. 

So, why both windsurfing and graphic design on this site? These are my passions and in reality, my creative side was born from the free spirit experienced as a Windsurfer, One with the Wind, out on the water, alone or with a group of friends, it is enjoyable ad a way to wash away the worries of our complicated lives!

I have to apologise, as this site is still a work in progress, please check again soon for many updates to come. Exciting times are ahead with some ideas that have been bubbling away for some time!

I'm the proud owner of first production Windsurfer LT worldwide - right place, right timing and been seeking the perfect sailboard solution for a number of years. I love the concept, I love the camaraderie when racing and most of all the fun this board offers. 100% one design, 100% fun. I've been windsurfing  since 1979 on an original windsurfer with teak booms. I've sailed and manufactured various types of Windsurfers over all these years, however, i've come back to the old-school style of windsurfer longboards several times because I love the simplicity, versatility and affordability this gear offers. I did my first design work at school in tech drawing then when manufacturing sailboards with graphics in 1981 as a hobby.

I am an Electrician by trade which has trained me to think logically and with an eye for detail. Together with my free minded spirit as a windsurfer, I have a flair for imagination and design with a focus on the minor details to get everything just right! Digital Graphics is a new venture as an extension of the infrequent paid / voluntary / hobby work i've done in the past. My business experience as a business owner, business advisor, Instructor and mentor, marketing my businesses, marketing Windsurfers, sales rep work and customer service roles has me in an ideal position to understand your needs, to listen and assess your project and to consider options to make it become a reality. I also have a gift for writing good copy and developing simple forms and documents for business sporting club needs. I can provide these as an online resource or as a hard copy tailored to your needs.

I outsource printing work to several very reliable respected printing firms with fast turn around and quality output at good prices. In reality you can access the same businesses online, however, I hope to provide you with time savings and a complete service so you can focus on bringing in the dollars or doing what you do best. 


With constant technical up-skilling, practice and a flair for thinking outside the box, i'm sure I can help you for your business or sporting club needs. I am VERY affordable, money isn't my prime consideration (honestly I'd do for free if I could and sometimes do if needed), I love helping people and sharing my passion for design and windsurfing!


Kind Regards,


Al Haynes. -2021.

Marathon  event windsurfer Nationals Toronto jan 2019_edited.jpg

Video of Toronto Windsurfer Nationals January, 2019
- by Mitch Pearson - Surf Sail Kite.

We are Windsurfer

2019 National Championships, Toronto NSW AUSTRALIA

Since the introduction of the Windsurfer LT in April 2018, the original Windsurfer One Design class has experienced exponential growth! Toronto, Lake Macquarie NSW Australia hosted the inaugural LT National Championships with 107 Windsurfers - smashing the numbers attending Aussie Nationals for decades.


- Held in my home town - AT TORONTO AMATEUR SAILING CLUB which has become a crowd favourite spot.


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